My name is Mike McConnell. My passion for photography started in 2007 when I was immersed in the restoration of my 1960 VW Beetle. With my 35mm camera I thought it would be interesting to document the build from the ground up. When the "bug" was finished, then came the car shows, where I would photograph all the other entries. It soon became an obsession and the many friends I've come to know all became interested in me shooting their cars.

It was my second VW bug build that has taken my photography to a higher level, as I eventually sold it to buy my first digital camera, a Canon 50D. It was sad to see my bug go, but I've never looked back.

I'm also quite happy that I've recently gotten back into video editing with:

cloud lapseDrift West Round 3Drift West round 1.... 2013DriftWest Round 4 2013

Thank you to for featuring some of my work. Please contact me for my rates.